Combined Heat And Power (CHP) Solutions.

//Combined Heat And Power (CHP) Solutions.

Combined Heat And Power (CHP) Solutions.

Bosch CHP Units, Efficiency At The Whole New Level:

Simultaneously generating both heat and electricity – with this technical concept, the Bosch CHP units are definitely out to impress. Powered by a gas Otto motor, the generator of the complete module supplies electricity and heat to a heating system – boasting particularly high efficiency levels. In this way, you can considerably reduce your energy consumption in comparison with conventional, separate energy supplies. Even the environment benefits as climate-damaging emissions are minimised.


Performance That You Can Count On:

Bosch CHP units are available with outputs ranging from 19 to 400 kWel. The primary energy savings in comparison with a conventional solution can amount to 40 %. The Bosch CHP units achieve a total efficiency of up to 105 %. To draw a comparison: when generating electricity using conventional power units and producing heat from boilers, a total efficiency level of only 56 % is achieved. Due to the high levels of efficiency guaranteed, your investment will have paid off just after a few years. Bosch CHP units are also highly reliable. This means you not only benefit from low energy costs, but also from a reliable supply of heat and electricity.


For a consultation on upgrading to the Bosch CHP range contact us at (01)8293875 or email [email protected]


Good For Both The Environment And Climate:

Bosch CHP units not only protect your financial resources, but also our environment. This is because, ultimately, less gas is required to generate the same output as conventional solutions, and so emissions are also lower. This not only applies for CO2 emissions; nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide emissions are also well below the legal limits.


The Benefits:

  • Especially low energy costs thanks to improved efficiency when combining electricity and heat generation.
  • Outputs ranging from 19 to 400 kWel.
  • Protects the environment due to lower carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide emissions.
  • Can be used as a safety power supply.
  • Ideal for cooling using absorber systems.
  • Can be effortlessly integrated into Bosch heating systems using technology from a single source.
  • May be incorporated into modern Bosch control technology hassle-free.


For a consultation on upgrading to the Bosch CHP range contact us at (01)8293875 or email [email protected]


Safety Guaranteed By A Synchronous Generator:

The synchronous generator ensures that you can use the solution in the high-performance CHP variants (with an output of 50 kWel or higher) as required, both in isolated operation and in parallel with the main power supply. Moreover, the synchronous generator prevents reactive current from being supplied from the power supply.


Condensing Boiler Technology For Optimum Energy Yield:

The waste gas heating heat exchanger makes an important contribution to the high level of overall efficiency. It also allows the heat of the condensed steam contained in the waste gas to be used, and in doing so, optimises the thermal yield. For the variant with an output of 19 kWel, the waste gas condensing heat exchanger has already been integrated into the CHP module; for the higher performance variants, it is available as an optional accessory for external connection.


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