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Our Mission:

  • To provide your business or property with a reliable service, using quality products to maximise energy savings on energy, heating and water.

  • Seek out new products that revolutionise the heating, mechanical services and energy sector.

  • Provide employment and encourage personal development.

  • Be recognised as the leaders in all aspects of energy, mechanical and plumbing services.

Our Values:

  • Trustworthy

  • Friendly

  • Conscientious

  • Integrity

  • Fairness

Latest Updates

The Dropson device is the real alternative to water softeners and ideal for Hotels, Nursing Homes, Restaurants and Homes. Dropson does not require expensive and harmful salts, Dropson uses patented EMI technology to remove existing and protect from future limescale deposits.


The HeatGEM intelligent boler burner device has been designed to directly address burner efficiency, enabling convential controls to work in harmony to reduce energy consumption.


We are members and registered contractors of the following bodies:

Registered contractor for seai upgrades

Registered gas engineers

Better energy homes scheme