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Acara Energy join The Green Way, Dublin’s cleantech cluster.

We are delighted to join The Green Way, Dublin's cleantech cluster. The Green Way was established in 2010 as Dublin’s cleantech cluster, to stimulate economic growth and employment in the green economy. The Green Way is a collaborative cluster, recognised by government as a convergence of knowledge, expertise and experience [...]

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The International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) is a guidance document describing common practice in measuring, computing and reporting savings achieved by energy or water efficiency projects. This framework is recommended by energy efficiency authorities such as the US Department of Energy and the SEAI of Ireland.

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Dropson, the real alternative to water softeners!

The real alternative to water softeners. The Dropson advanced anti scaling systems guarantee the perfect protection of your installation. From the moment Dropson is installed it will protect against limescale and damage to your hot water circuit, appliances and pipes. Dropson is maintenance free, does not require expensive salt, made [...]

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