Acara Energy, located in Dublin, Ireland, specialise in mechanical, plumbing, water & energy services.

We help business’s, clients and main contractors achieve project targets through innovative design, management, skill and implementation in the following areas:

  • Mechanical, plumbing, heating and technical services to all sectors throughout the island of Ireland.
  • HVAC and boiler services.
  • Renewable energy and gas services.
  • Technical support for market leading innovative technologies in the water and energy sectors. These patented products help us fulfil our company mission, Seek out new products that revolutionise the heating and energy sector.

What Acara Can Do For You

Mechanical, Heating & Energy Services.

We ask the right questions, we listen well and we achieve project targets through innovative design, skill and implementation.

  • Mechanical, heating & plumbing services.
  • Solar, gas & renewable energies.
  • HVAC and control systems.
  • Technical services.

Intelligent Boiler & Heating Controls

Boiler and burner installation, servicing, commissioning services.

  • Boiler and equipment servicing and commissioning.
  • Intelligent boiler controls.
  • Boiler, burner and equipment maintenance and repairs.
  • Boiler, burner and equipment safety inspections, safety checks and certification.
  • Gas, oil, LPG and biogas boiler & burner services.

Advanced Limescale Water Treatment Technology

The new way of treating water for limescale.

  • Lime-scale prevention and protection.
  • Plant, plumbing, pipe work and system de-scaling.
  • Cold & hot water services application.
  • Computer assisted design & specification.

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