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Boiler Modulation Ratio’s & Key Benefits Explained

There are many commercial, industrial and domestic gas, oil and biogas boilers available, all with different modulation ratios. What does the term mean and how does the modulation ratio benefit energy and maintenance costs, below we explain this. Over recent years most manufacturers of boilers have listed their products modulation [...]

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Latest Irish Construction News

Ballymore launches new “Dublin Landings” docklands development. Private property group Ballymore has officially launched its new docklands development, Dublin Landings, at an event at the CHQ Building IFSC on Custom House Quay on 06-10-2016. Dublin Landings is set to be a 1 million square foot mixed-use development on North Wall [...]

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Automatic Hydronic Balancing For Heating Optimisation.

Automatic hydronic balancing with "Q-Tech" for heating optimisation. During our recent training at The Oventrop UK Headquarters we were highly impressed with the Q Tech automatic balancing TRV's. By using this method the balancing of the heating system is completed by setting the TRV's to a value determined at design stage [...]

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Acara Visit To Oventrop Training Centre, Basingstoke, UK.

We were delighted to accept an invitation from Irish Oventrop agents Unitherm to attend CPD training on solar thermal energy, water hygiene, legionaries prevention and variable volume. Some of the areas covered were: Benefits of HIU's (heat Interface Units) HIU system design. Operation of Oventrop heat interface units. Space heating [...]

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